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La Salle School is Back in Session
The Blackboard


The Blackboard is a place to offer news, announcements, or information you would like to share with the rest of us.

Michael Newell
I am working very hard on the never-ending task of having a website. Besides this one I have just recently started (it's still a newborn) I have a photography site at should you wish to visit me online. 

Kathy Stout
Kathy (that's Dr. Kathryn Stout to those of us that didn't grow up with her) is working very hard right now in the academic field. Kathy, I am proud to say, is currently a Professor of Sociology and is just beginning a new semester. Although a very busy lady she still finds time to listen to my babble and offer feedback on this project. Kathy...I'll bet you feel like "playing hookie" right now!