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La Salle School is Back in Session
Homework Assignment


Welcome New Students...
Your first assignment is to write a report telling us what you've been doing with yourself since the "Cold War Era" way back in the 20th century. You will not be graded and will not have to stay for detention if not completed on time. And my favorite of these is that you will not have to read it before the class. We'd just like to know a little more about who you have become as an adult. 
Please email Michael Newell (a.k.a. Mike or Mikey, and substituting for Ms. Brennan) with your homework assignment to the email link provided on the bottom of this homework page. Also, include whatever information about yourself you would like to post on this site, along with any information that best describes you and what you have been doing since the time before you had to be a responsible adult...(Yuck to becoming a responsible adult). 
Upon completion your homework assignment will be posted on the "My Summer Vacation" page of this site. Please limit yourself to a quadtrillion words or less. When I say start, pick up your pencil from your desk and start writing...Kathy, stop sniffing the ditto paper! When I say stop, place your pencil back on your desk and pass your paper up toward the front of the room. Begin now!
                                                              Click Here to Submit Homework!