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La Salle School is Back in Session
My Summer Vacation


OK....I said you didn't have to give your report before the class, but I didn't say it wouldn't be posted for the whole class to read. Now it's time to get to know each other again.
This is where your homework assignment will be posted. For those of you who haven't turned your assignments yet, I know it wasn't because you were watching "The Monkees" or "Bonanza." Time's up!

"My Last 30 Summer Vacations"

Leslie Miller (Brown)  
What I have been doing since the LaSalle Days

During college days at UNO, I worked at record stores, the Mushroom,
Warehouse Records, and then Leisure Landing. I then got into the computer
industry and really have never left that arena, with a little graphics and
photography on the side. After finishing LaSalle, McMain, Fortier, and UNO,
I worked as a computer operator for a couple of years in NO and then moved
to Boston where my brother Dennis lived with his family. My brother Jeffrey
was in Hartford so I was now closer to him as well. I continued to work in
the computer industry and became more interested in photography. Quit my job as an IT person and went to professional photo school at New England School of Photography. Then I worked there at NESOP and began taking classes in computer graphics at New England School of Art & Design, NESAD. Became a teacher at the art school where I took classes, taught, and helped coordinate the computer graphics and supervised the computer labs for a few years. Huge Red Sox and Celtic fan while living in Boston.
Had enough of the northeast, so followed my sister Naomi and my folks out to the northwest where I have lived since 1994. Did a little traveling, London and Paris with Naomi, Seattle, Canadian Rockies, and New Orleans. Best was 2 visits to Christchurch, New Zealand where the folks lived for about 6 years. This is what really peaked the photography interest. Worked as a computer lab monitor, computer training manager and instructor, IT again, back to computer graphics director and instructor, where I was laid off! Was out of work for 5 months in 2002. I landed an awesome job at a private K-12 school, The Bush School in Seattle, where I am the Computer Lab Supervisor for the high school. Love this job and am learning what I should in high school.
Won't discuss previous marriage but I met and married Curtis Brown of SLC in 98. The man of my dreams and my soul mate. Curtis was in construction for
20+ years and left that to attend photography school. He is a professional
pet photographer and also works with people if he has to. We live across Lake Washington in Kirkland with our 6 kids. 2 dogs, Becky and baby Chester, 2 brother cats, Bubba and CJ, and 2 birds, Tino and Eddie. They are pretty much our lives along with a few friends, family, artsy craftsy stuff, music, photography, the Mariners, and exploring the beautiful northwest. That's it in a nutshell!

Do with this what you will but I wouldn't mind looking at your editions prior to the posting!
Thanks Michael.
Leslie Miller Brown the first

I had Mrs Brennan for 2nd and 3rd grade. What a flashback! I remember the
day that Kennedy died in Mrs. Brennan's split class...