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La Salle School is Back in Session
Memory Lane


This page is reserved for all those special memories you have of La Salle School. 

Please share whatever experience you would like to post, including all the sights, sounds and smells of early childhood. And don't forget my favorite; Ditto Paper Sniffing!

Michael Newell
I remember all those great smells, like the tests that were printed with ditto ink! Remember that purple stuff that stunk up the classroom? It was always never quite dry and when you sniffed it you would get a purple stain on your nose. I also remember paper drives and that cheap twine they used to tie the bundles of papers together with...That smelled good too! There was always stiff competition between classrooms, and you always thought your class was "big stuff" if they got the blue ribbon. I remember Thursday screenings of those 16mm educational films in the auditorium, French lessions on television in black and white, cigar boxes to hold all your school supplies, the great smells of freshly sharpened pencils and used erasers (ok...I'm very olfactory)...All those wonderful sights, sounds and smells bring back memories of La Salle, for me .