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The Big Easy

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"Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?"

This site is by no means meant to be a complete guide to New Orleans, it's long and diverse history, nor is it meant to be a complete travel guide to the city. It is a tribute to the city I love, both as my birthplace and as a city I love visiting over and over again. I have included links to other websites for more information regarding visiting, relocating, or ones that may be of interest to you for some other reason. There are many good sites on the internet that can give more detailed information for you and I have included many of them on my website. I hope that you will find my tribute to New Orleans enjoyable and informative. Till we perhaps meet up at Cafe du Monde for some biegnets and Cafe au Lait, please remember 'laissez le bon roulement de periodes'. 

Thanks for the Memories
Growing up in New Orleans left me with a love of fine food, good music, and an appreciation for preserving the beautiful things in life. Just strolling through the French Quarter takes you to a different period in history. Your senses are filled with the sounds and smells of New Orleans. As you pass by the jazz clubs your senses are stimulated as you feel yourself being carried away by the lingering melodies abounding. Then you catch a brief whiff from a world-class restaurant as a horse-drawn carriage passes by to the rythem of "clippity clop, clippity clop". All the pleasant sights and sounds of an era not forgotten enhance your senses as you feel yourself drifting off to another time in history. There's no mistake about it, you know you are in New Orleans. It's the one of a kind, no place like it in the world "City That Care Forgot." As you get ready to leave you are saddened, because you don't know when you'll be able to return.

Mardi Gras
Fat Tuesday is always 40 days before Easter and the day just before lent, so it will fall at different times throughout the year. Although the big celebration occurs on Mardi Gras day it is treated as a season in "Nawlins" and celebrated for several weeks and right up to the time of the Mardi Gras balls and ceremonies that end on Mardi Gras night. The next day all good catholics go to church to repent and recoperate from their sins!  

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