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The Big Easy
Destination Page
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At this destination, we got our first exposure to the local language and culture.

On this page, we'll describe our experiences at one destination. Then we'll create additional pages like this one for each of our other destinations (changing the title of each page to something more specific, of course).

We'll try to make this page a photo journal, rather than just a photo album. That is, we'll try to tell the story of our stay using both words and pictures. Although this takes a little more effort than just posting photos, it gives a fuller sense of our experience. (There will be lots more pictures on the photo album pages.)

Here are examples of the type of information we may include on each of our destinations.

Big hotel? Quaint B and B? Cabin in the mountains? We'll describe it here, and include a picture or two.

Here we might include a description or map of where we stayed.


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