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Michael Newell
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I can remember having a fascination with pictures from a very young age. My first experience with photography was when I was just a few years old. I can still remember tearing open a roll of unexposed film to see the photographs inside. When I didn't see any pictures I smelled the emulsion and have had a bonding experience with film ever since. I also loved to stare out the window of my first grade class and wished I were a bird flying from tree to tree, being forever free.

Over the years I've stopped tearing open unexposed rolls of film and have tried to consolidate my love of pictures with my love of nature and the great outdoors. It is my sincere wish to share what I do with others by communicating how I see the world through the eyes of a lens. Please feel free to contact me at anytime regarding my services or the purchase of prints from my portfolio. My contact information is listed in the contact section of this site. I also welcome comments and suggestions. Thank you for visiting my site as I do appreciate the interest.

Click on the baby whale to access my online Galleries.

I hope you find my work to be both extensive and diverse in the many different aspects of creative photography. Please feel free to direct any questions you may have regarding my services or any order inquiry to the mailing address, the email link, or the contact number provided on this page.

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